Create A Link For Any File In Just Three Clicks

Right-click a file or folder on your computer.

Select “StoAmigo Share.” Get a link. Share it with your friends via e-mail, messenger, or social media. Or use it to download the file onto another device.

Done. Complete. Finito.

It takes less than 5 seconds. No time wasted uploading files. No size limits. This is the simplest, quickest way to transfer files to your amigos… or just between your different devices.

On App Store and Google Play

Yes, Really: No Upload Times Or Size Limits

StoAmigo lets you send files directly to your recipients, without having to upload to a server. It basically “streams” from your computer.

This cuts out the middleman. Which means you don’t waste time uploading. It means you can send files (and folders) of any size. To anyone. On any device.

Because transferring files should be easy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What else does StoAmigo do?
You get many different options when you transfer a file. Choose whether that file is downloadable or not. Decide how long the link you send stays active. Ensure ONLY your intended recipient sees it with Private Sharing.

Plus, you get notifications when people interact with the file you send – so you know exactly when they see that photo or watch that video.

Does the recipient need StoAmigo to view/download the file?
Nope. The ONLY time they will need a StoAmigo account is when you check “Private Share” when transferring the file. Otherwise, they just click and open.

How do I start right-click transferring?
Enter your e-mail into the field below to create an account. You’ll get an e-mail with a download link for your device. Click it, download it, install it. Put any file or folder you want to transfer in your new StoAmigo folder. Right-click any one of them and select “StoAmigo Share.” Happy transferring!

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